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we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach to providing top-notch video monitoring services. W e don't just meet expectations - we surpass them, delivering superior video monitoring services that set the benchmark for quality and performance.

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Find out how BlueBear designs a customized live video monitoring solution for your business. we stands with you from start to end and help get the best security solution that fits your need and budget.

Step 1: Property Assessment

A BlueBear security expert conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your entire property, ensuring a thorough examination of all angles to avoid any potential blind spots. Virtual perimeters are established and high-risk zones are pinpointed within these boundaries. Our video analytic software is programmed to alert our monitoring team upon any breach of these boundaries.

Step 2: Professional Installation

Our dedicated team of installers brings the customized design from the assessment phase to life. This includes installing a mix of fixed and/or mobile equipment like security cameras, loudspeakers, and network devices. In situations where power is limited or in temporary locations like construction sites, BlueBear offers solar-powered mobile surveillance units for deployment.

Step 3: Proactive Monitoring

The BlueBear Command Center employs a proactive approach to monitoring your premises. Combining intelligent detection software with our team of trained security professionals, we ensure real-time surveillance of your property. This proactive stance allows us to intervene and prevent crimes before they occur, rather than merely reviewing footage post-incident.

Step 4: Advanced Analytics

Our surveillance system is equipped to detect movement in various lighting conditions, including bright sunlight and low light environments. Additionally, our sophisticated analytics platform learns and adapts to potential threats, using operator feedback to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant actions.

Step 5: Loudspeaker Intervention

Upon detecting intrusions or suspicious behavior, our monitoring team engages with the threat using amplified loudspeakers. This method often serves as a deterrent, preventing most crimes without requiring law enforcement intervention. If necessary, BlueBear coordinates with authorities to address escalating situations.

Step 6: Reporting  

One of the advantages of remote video surveillance is its ability to provide visual evidence of monitored activities. All incidents are meticulously documented by the BlueBear team, with video footage stored for legal purposes. Live-stream video is also accessible to you at any time through your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

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